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What the crap. [17 Nov 2005|03:57pm]

[ mood | angry ]


I step away from the community for FIVE MINUTES and look what happens. This comm may be vaguely dead at the moment, but if you want to post random Space Cases things, you post them to rigelianculture, not here. Check out the COMMUNITY INFO which CLEARLY STATES that this is for the posting of SPACE CASES FAN FICTION. The last few posts will be deleted, as they don't follow the rules.

Honestly, guys. Read the user info before you post. That's ridiculous.

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[08 Jun 2004|02:48pm]

Holy CRAP. I didn't think any Christa fans were still out there! I used to run a site called the White Circle for SC.

Hi, my name's Marty...if any of you are from the old Team Room official chat room from WAY back in the day, I'm Sarah Noble as well. :) MAN. Is anyone here one of the original gang from the Team Room Chat on Shark's unofficial site? Great chat, that. Jewel Staite and Kristian were on there a few times to talk to us, and Jewel sent us autographed pics...such an awesome person. She's appearing in Jacksonville at DreamCon this month. I got too many cosplay cons to hit this year or I'd be so going to that.

Anyway, here's a pic:


I'll see if I can dig up some old art I did from the show a billion years ago...I had one of Cat in a wedding dress (inexplicably) that got used on some other sci-fi site...wish I could still find that...

If anyone here's from the old team room (Rae, kestrel, Jeysie?) gimme a shout!
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[08 Apr 2004|04:05am]

New to this community, but long-time Caser... (oh, the days of the Team Room...)
My first fic... posted on fanfiction.net, but never reviewed... so let's see some reviews?

Title: Sort Of, But Not
Type: Short.
Rating: R
Summary: Cat's first days in Yensid. Reliving a nightmare that came true... sort of, but not. (Basically, it doesn't make the greatest amount of sense in the beginning, but then... it isn't meant to!)
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[29 Mar 2004|10:20am]

I started this awhile ago when I was playing a What If game about Homeward Bound. Finally decided to continue and share.

Title:Leave No Man Behind
Summary:AU from Homeward Bound. When one of the crew is left behind, the others must decide to either risk all their lives or risk losing one of their own.
Pairings: slight Seth/TJ and Suzee/Radu.

Leave No Man Behind, Chapter 1
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MoreFic! [02 Mar 2004|06:12am]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Crossing-Over
Rating: PG-13
Type: Suspense
Summary: The Matrix/Space Cases crossover I've been intending to write for some time. Bova thinks perhaps there's some greater power out there, and he "wakes up." In following the spirit of The Matrix there will hopefully be a lot of symbolism in here... And hopefully the story will go where you least expect it to go.

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Woo [28 Feb 2004|03:19am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Been a long time since I've posted HERE.

Anyway, I got to updating So Much to Ask For. A little explanation is necessary, though... I read back and realized I'd actually FORGOTTEN TO WRITE a bunch of info I'd meant to put in... IE, Suzee and Radu speaking before class, which can be found in Chapter Three. Also, Miss Davenport's 'Talk' with 'Suzee' which can be found in the same chapter. There's about two more pages added in chapter three. ^_^ So I suggest reading through three and four (which had to be adjusted) before you read chapter five. For that reason, I'm posting the whole story.

TITLE: So Much to Ask For
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Suzee and Radu aren't happy with their positions on the ship, so the Christa gives them a little more than what they bargained for.

One more chapter after this! ^_^

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New (Old) Author [29 Dec 2003|03:25am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Oh heavens. It's been YEARS since I've written a Fic. So, I don't guarantee anything charming or even entertaining. Be gentle. It's been a while.

Title: A Lonely PlanetCollapse )
By: Leira (Yeah, my OLD name)
Rating: PG
Type: Drama, perhaps some humour as we go
Summary: I don't know yet. It's just going to take me somewhere, I think.

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Ar! [28 Dec 2003|06:42am]

[ mood | pensive ]

I feel like I'm losing my touch with fanfics. I don't know if I like how this chapter turned out... But in any case, lemm know. It's turning out a bit darker than I'd meant it to. ^_^

Title: So Much to Ask For - Chapter Three

All the rest is the same. ^_^

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Teh_Chaptur_TOO [25 Dec 2003|04:45am]

[ mood | okay ]

TITLE: So Much to Ask For - Chapter Two
Rating: PG-13 (Upped for 'suggestive' content.)
Type: Humor/Drama-type.
Summary: Radu and Suzee actually have to do SOMETHING. Goddard is kinda suspicious when Radu starts acting weird, though. Has he figured out the secret?

...Merry Christmas. ^_^

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Haven't posted HERE in a while! [23 Dec 2003|04:03am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

TITLE: So Much to Ask For - Chapter One
Rating: PG
Type: Humor
Summary: Radu and Suzee are feeling a bit left out, each convinced that the other has it a little better than they do. The Christa thinks differently, and offers them both a little bit of a... Change of heart, so to speak.

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[14 Nov 2003|08:29am]

[ mood | cranky ]

Okay, so now ((almost a full month after I posted the original question >__<)) I can actually initiate the challenge.

KIRIN:: I challenge you to write a romance. Het or slash, but NOT Cat/Harlan. Pure, meaningless fluff. ONE chapter.

YUGAMI:: I challenge you to write a humor fic. Preferably meaningless ^_^ However many chapters you like.

MYSELF:: I challenge myself to write a mystery or suspense of at least three chapters. No pairings.

I'ma go ahead and request that we all get a little bit done by the end of this week. For Yugami and I, let's try and get the first chapter out by then.

...I think I just gave myself more trouble than I should have... ^_^

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[30 Oct 2003|08:00pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

A question that will lead to a challenge::

What type of story do you like to write the most? If romance, name the pairing.

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Quick story [28 Oct 2003|04:25pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Title: Back to the Past
Type: General
Rating: G
Summary: It starts with the line, "Scan for Starcademy."

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When Fanfic goes BAD... [27 Oct 2003|05:15am]

[ mood | cynical ]

TITLE: Hogwarts + Christa = Trouble! (An MST)
Type: MST
Rating: G. I think.
Summary: A fanfic from ffnet. Apologies to the author, but some things just need to be said. :) In fact, even MS Word couldn't stomach it, and spit this error message out at me.

Muses are Duo, Catalina, and Suzee. I actually couldn't finish off this MST, because the fic got REALLY REALLY bad after this. x_x

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"Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn" [26 Oct 2003|10:02pm]

Title:: The Source of Hope
Author:: Lokaia/Li/RomCD
Summary:: Snippet of Rosie POV
Type:: General reflection
Rating:: G
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It's done! [26 Oct 2003|01:28am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: On His Blindness: Illustrated Version
Type: Long Drama!
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The crew of the Christa lands on a planet to get supplies and hopefully repair the engines. They don't cound on the fact that the polite En'hegians they encounter might be dangerous... Whether or not they make it off the planet, though, determines whether or not they stay alive.

(Click here to read just chapter seven - Paradise Regained)

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Not for the SQUEE! mish! [25 Oct 2003|06:58am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: On His Blindness - Chapter 6 - They also Serve who only Stand and Wait
Type: DRAMA!! And more DRAMA!
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Now that the crew is back on the Christa, they face the task of getting themselves back into the air.

One more chapter to go. :)

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Inspired? Nah. [24 Oct 2003|07:19am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Title: On His Blindness - Chapter Five - An Epitaph
Type: Sci-fi/Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Can the crew make it back to the Christa in time?

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[23 Oct 2003|09:02pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Title:: Fourth Chapter of Just
Author:: Lokaia/Li/RomCD
etc. etc. etc.

You know the drill.

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Typetypetype... [23 Oct 2003|09:36pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: On His Blindness - Chapter Four - Friends Departed
Type: Sci-fi/Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The En'hegians are getting closer... Something is wrong with Suzee and Bova, and Radu can hardly support Harlan. There's a Loony Tunes gag in here. See if you can spot it. ^_^

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