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Voyage of the Christa

A Space Cases fanfic community

Christa's Lost Fiction Writers
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This community is for anything creative pertaining to the Space Cases universe. That includes fan art, fan fiction, and roleplay logs. If you want to post something else (Nostalgia, memories, questions, etc.), head over to rigelianculture, the first and best Livejournal Space Cases community.

Rules for foreverchrista:

1. This is a fan community for stories or art based in the Space Cases universe. Almost anything goes, including slash, if you are so inclined. Please see rule #3 for specifics.

2. Please follow a format when posting stories or RP logs:

Title: (The title! Can also be a URL if externally linked.)
Type: (Slash/Het/Short/etc.)
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R)
Summary: (What is your story about?)

<lj-cut text="Your Story Title, if any, which leads to your story in the body of the post. Optional.">

3. Please keep stories at an R-rating or below. No Mary-Sues/Talk-show fics/Go-to-Earth-2003 High School fics/Annoyingly out-of-character portrayals. In other words, keep the characters CANON!

4. This community is for posting fics, but by posting, you also welcome reviews, both good and bad. There will be no flaming; all critique will be constructive. On the other hand, if you ARE going to review a fic, make it worthwhile... IE: No "MORE PLZ KTHX!!!" reviews. If someone is writing a round-robin story, please ASK before you join, either via comment or email.

5. Please, too, no relationships for the sole sake of smut... IE, getting Harlan and Catalina together just for a sex scene is not allowed. There's gotta be a story behind your pairing, be it slash or het.

6. Due to the nature of LJ, each chapter you add to your story/round-robin may be in a separate entry. However, please do NOT post an entry saying that you are 'currently working on a chapter and it will be up soon.' If it will be up soon, please wait and just post the chapter.

7. Fan Art is also allowed. Follow this format:

Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R)

<lj-cut text="A Cut-Text to your drawing,"> or a URL.

8. Any questions, please feel free to contact peacekeeper.

Space Cases is copyright Nickelodeon, 1995-1997, and was created by Peter David and Bill Mumy. None of the fans here claim ownership of Space Cases, its characters, or any related indica.